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This is an online version of Giv Trade's brand book And brand guidelines

The goal of this guide is to act as a centralized universal guide for brand managers, marketers, sales people, and social media managers working with Giv Trade. Here, we summarize everything important there is to know about brand book origins—authors of the brand strategy and identity, support contacts, etc.

Brand Identity Authors

Mayssa Kaady
Thalia Harouny
Tarek Mohamad

Need Help with Brand Assets or Elements?

Conducting day to day activities, Giv Trade's team might encounter specific scenarios that requires specific tailored made elements that has to fall on par with the original guidelines. You can contact brand managers at:

Brand Philosophy

Working relentlessly to bring everyone diverse quality investment products in one simple and accessible platform

Our Vision

A world, where quality investment products are accessible to everyone

Our Mission

We're working on building an investment ecosystem that allows anyone to access quality investment products. The platform is an ad hoc portal that allows users to customize their trading dashboard to suit their investment needs and goals.

Tone of Voice

Let's connect
Let's educate
Let's invest



To better understand why everyone should understand Giv Trade's persona tone of voice, we have to visualize Giv Trade as an entity(a person) that can communicate. The tone of voice will set up the way we communicate with our users, partners, and our personal team.

It's not about what we say, it's about how we say it and the impression it makes on everyone who reads or hears us.

Stop paying for expensive useless tools. Join the trading revolution. Join Giv Trade!


We know what's a quality investment product. And it's on Giv Trade.


Ties? Expensive suits? Big corporate offices? No thanks!


It's funny how nobody thought of building something like Giv Trade before. But hey, we did!


– Do we sound intellectually superior (among the competition) ?

– Yes, you can trade EURUSD at X (competition), but can you buy BMW shares, hedge their exchange risk and buy fractional property shares next to a new BMW factory?

– Are we encouraging users to diversify? build a solid portfolio? and explore unusual investment strategies?


– Are we getting enough “Thanks man” or “Thanks buddy” as a reply through online support?

– Do we look like an investment click?

– Do we have inside jokes and slang with our users?2


– We’re trying to build x? NOO! We’re Building …

– How about you invest in? NOO, you should invest in …

Visual Style Guide


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